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Panama is well known for its biodiverse ecosystems as much as it has grown to be a renowned touristic location for cultural tourism and immersion.
Visitors have the opportunity to visit several indigenous communities well advertised globally but rarely do they get to interact with communities that expose their traditions daily, regardless of those touristic activities. That is the case of communities such as Ipetí and Piriatí Emberá where men and women are constantly working on acquiring the support to preserve their cultural backgrounds and traditional community lifestyles.
At Artisanas Trade we want to offer you the experience of visiting these unique communities, as well as meeting and learning from the women behind the trades.
Products are made by Embera artisan women of Panama. All trades are uniquely handmade
through a process that starts with acquiring the raw materials chunga and nahuala (palm tree organic fibers), rinsing, drying and then dying the fiber with different colors obtained through natural seeds and elements such as cocobolo wood, soil, teak wood and leaves.
The women then utilize the fibers to weave and create different trades such as baskets, plates and masks. The jewelry is made with colorful "chaquiras" or small pieces of glass and stone beads which are then woven into necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
If you are interested in supporting the Embera communities, promoting their art and helping us preserve their traditions we invite you to come visit us and experience their culture first hand.
"We love to share our trade insights as much as we care to expose our community and life journey."
Piriatí Community Leader
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